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We are building a platform and ecosystem where data and science deliver their true potential – as powerful tools in the hands of business and industry solving real-world problems. Anywhere. Everywhere.


Be Productive

Save time and money by automating routine processes and tasks that increase productivity and operational efficiencies.

Be Smart

Make decisions faster and smarter by harnessing data gathered from the outputs of cognitive technologies. Use technology to predict customer preferences and offer personalized experiences.

Be Connected

Connect to a global supply of online data scientists, data labellers and computer networks to efficiently put data to work on your goals and initiatives.

Be Better

Take advantage of leading-edge artificial intelligence applications that will help to tackle the most daunting challenges facing business, industry and the world.

A unique platform – powered by artificial intelligence and fuelled by data – the world’s most valuable resource. Our platform is the foundation of the Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem, where business and industry can take on the challenges they face – from optimization and efficiency to overcoming the biggest problems facing the world today!

About Us

Our Who, What and Why

Recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) technology, when applied on a mass scale, have the potential to dramatically change industrial operations across the globe. We’re talking real, profound and impactful changes, not popcorn ‘disruption’ that’s easy to sell but doesn’t have substance.

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It Starts Here

What is the Imaginea Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem?

The Imaginea Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem is an infinitely scalable platform designed to put precision artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in the hands of every organization across the globe. Through bringing together specialist talent – researchers, engineers, analysts, developers and designers – and connecting them with motivated commercial sector organizations, every company can embrace the benefits of pioneering AI technologies.

It Starts Here

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