Who. What. Why.

Who are we?

We are Imaginea Ai

We are an artificial intelligence company but not as you might have known one in the past.

We are a company driven to help industries work better, faster and smarter, and we do this through a platform designed to bring together specialist global talent, leading-edge products, and driven commercial organizations.

This is about putting AI in the hands of everyone, making it as accessible as buying an app, so that problems can be solved, broken systems can be changed, and businesses can be better businesses.

Within the Imaginea Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem, we provide a place for organizations to engage in purposeful, technology-driven partnerships so that they can solve real-world problems. We provide access to global AI technologies and specialist talent while enabling buyers and sellers to transact with transparency and security.

We are here to democratize AI.

Let’s Get Smart

Let’s ask what technology can do.

Let’s allow exponential achievements in computer science to help shape the next industrial revolution.

Recent advances in artificial intelligence technology, when applied on a mass scale, have the potential to dramatically change industrial operations across the globe.

We’re talking real, profound and impactful changes, not popcorn ‘disruption’ that’s easy to sell but doesn’t have substance.

We’re talking predictive maintenance, cognitive security, streamlined production, resource protection, disease control, intelligent crop management, smart transportation, reduced emissions, improved health – things that change, not only the way we can to do business but how we impact the world around us.


This is a BIG idea

Why us?

We have history.

Imaginea Energy was founded in 2014 by Suzanne West, a dynamic leader and celebrated futurist who, before founding the company had successfully created, built and sold several others at multi-million dollar valuations.

Suzanne was not, however, some single-minded capitalist.

She believed forcefully in building organizations which delivered for people, planet, and profit. Initially, her work focused on the energy industry with unique optimization and clean technologies. By late 2017, she recognized the power of artificial intelligence, and Imaginea Ai was born: a vehicle able to deliver AI solutions and expertise to a global clientele who could use it to address their biggest and most complex problems right alongside their most tedious and mundane.

Technology won’t come up with the next brilliant idea or create a great company culture, but it can help organizations of every size and shape become faster, stronger, cleaner and safer.

Suzanne’s journey was very sadly cut short after losing her battle with cancer in early 2018.

In her place, her Imaginea Ai co-founder and business partner Nav Dhunay assumed the role of President & CEO in January of 2018. Nav came to it with his own rich background and significant past achievements in the fields of artificial intelligence and clean technology. He is a highly-respected voice in both the technology and energy having founded and exited several companies in his past that successfully predicted early emerging trends in evolving technologies.

Who is Imaginea Ai?

We are a driven collection of creative thinkers, engineers, communicators, designers, developers and project managers.

We believe in the power of technology – not as a savior but as an extraordinary enabler.

Big ideas are not enough. We are here not just to dream, but to execute on the promise.


Be bold. Think big.

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