How Artificial Intelligence Is Already Transforming Our Lives

What do you think of when you hear the words “artificial intelligence?” If you’re like most people, odds are you imagine an abstract, futuristic concept, on a par with teleporters or interstellar travel. You probably also think of it as something that doesn’t have much practical use in your life. Perhaps scientists and astronauts can find a way to use artificial intelligence, but it won’t make any difference for you.

In fact, AI already exists, and it plays a powerful role in many areas of life. What’s more, this technology has a powerful and direct effect on you. Even if you haven’t used this technology yourself, the chances are that it has enhanced something you do in an important and positive way. By paying attention to all the ways this technology is used and the problems that it solves, you can appreciate how vital it is for you, your family, and all humanity. Consider what AI can do for:

Driving & Road Safety

Here’s a not-so-fun fact: driving a car while drowsy can be just as dangerous as driving drunk. Unfortunately, it’s a lot harder to stop people from driving tired than from driving under the influence. There’s no breath test you can administer for alertness, and if you try to judge for yourself whether you’re awake enough to drive, you risk making a dangerous mistake. If only there were drivers who never got tired!

AI is making tireless drivers a reality. By designing applications that can recognize road obstacles and topography, AI developers are creating cars that can navigate the roads safely and effectively. Self-driving features already exist on advanced vehicles, and they may become standard before you know it. It’s only a matter of time before driving is entirely automated, allowing you and your loved ones to travel safely no matter how tired you are.

Customer Service & Communication

If you’ve ever chatted with customer service while shopping, odds are you have already communicated with an AI application. Recent advances in computing have made it possible to produce programs that can use human language in a natural, spontaneous way. As a result, customer service departments have been able to automate many of their activities, creating “chatbots” that answer customers’ basic questions and give them suggestions. These bots are not yet perfect at using language, which is why customer service departments still maintain human staff for more complicated queries. But as natural language processing technology improves, the abilities of chatbots will grow, allowing them to help you more and more effectively each year.

Shopping Suggestions

Companies don’t just want to respond to your questions when you ask them. They also want to give you what you desire before you even think of it! AI applications offer them the power to do just this.

Each time you visit a store or view an e-commerce website, you give the owners valuable information about your tastes and interests, even if you don’t buy anything. Companies like Amazon, CVS, and Tesco are designing AI applications that can put this information to use. By paying attention to your past activities, these applications determine which products and services you are likely to purchase in the future. They then target you with ads, coupons, and other incentives to choose their companies for those purchases.

This isn’t just good for those companies. It also helps you shop more effectively! By anticipating your needs, AI applications let you know how you can fill them as quickly and affordably as possible. You thus have a chance to get everything you need at a fraction of the price you would otherwise have to pay.

Good Housekeeping

Tell me you haven’t been in this situation: you come home from a long day at work only to realize that you left the door unlocked, the lights on, or the heat running too high. No matter how careful you are, you’re bound to make mistakes like this from time to time. This wastes money, harms the environment, and puts your family and property at risk. But unless you have a perfect memory, how can you avoid it?

In the form of the smart home, AI succeeds where the human mind fails. Smart homes can predict your lighting and heating needs throughout the day, and make sure you aren’t using any more energy to meet them than is absolutely necessary. AI is also making it possible to design more effective surveillance systems, which go beyond merely locking your door and actively monitor your property for intruders. By taking advantage of these advances, you can keep your house sustainable and your loved ones safe under all circumstances.

Saving the Planet

The environmental benefits of AI are by no means limited to your home. Artificial intelligence makes it possible to solve a range of ecological problems, including:

  • Disappearing Wildlife– With the right algorithms, AI applications can judge the size of a species population using a distant photo. This allows authorities to monitor and protect threatened species.
  • Digital Energy Overuse– Data centers and other digital infrastructure consume an enormous amount of energy. By anticipating cooling needs and supplying just enough electricity to meet them, AI applications can reduce this energy use and all accompanying environmental problems.
  • Dirty Energy– By studying companies’ unique energy needs, AI applications can determine the most effective ways to adopt renewable energy. This allows those organizations to transition away from energy sources that cause climate change and other environmental problems.

As an artificial energy ecosystem, Imaginea contributes to each of these goals and more. For further information on all the ways artificial intelligence can enhance our lives, or for more information about our upcoming STO, visit our website today.