Solutions For All Specialties: Why AI Isn’t Just For Tech Companies

Of all the new technologies currently being proposed or perfected, few have more potential than artificial intelligence. A new method of computing that builds on the efficiencies of the human brain, AI technology has the potential to change nearly every industry, from improving medical technology to totally changing the energy industry. But many companies are still hesitant about adopting AI. Why? Because they’re afraid they won’t know what to do with it and how to use it effectively. They assume that such advanced technology must be the domain of tech experts and that they, as novices, wouldn’t be understand what to do. But that absolutely isn’t the case! In fact, virtually every company can benefit from artificial intelligence, and thanks to recent developments in this field, it’s getting easier to use it even if you know nothing about tech.

Expert Knowledge & Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence involves designing machines with the ability to learn complex concepts more efficiently than traditional computers can. It relies on methods like parallel processing, a method of processing data that mimics the way neurons in the human brain learn separate concepts at the same time and develop links with one another. Compared to the linear processing method that standard computers use now, this has the potential to improve speed, accuracy, and flexibility by leaps and bounds.

Developing this technology requires a detailed understanding of different processing methods and the human brain, as well as vast sets of data with information that processors can use to refine their knowledge. Unless your company specializes in tech, you don’t really have the chance to develop these skills and collect that data on your own. So, you might assume that AI is off limits for your business, at least for the time being.

But, you know what they say about assuming! Recent developments have made incorporating AI into your business a realistic option even for companies that are relative tech novices. If you want to adopt this technology, you can take advantage of:

  • Synthetic Datasets- Artificial intelligence has been limited by the need for large numbers of experts to painstakingly assemble large datasets used to train processors. Not only does this require enormous amounts of time and energy, but it is subject to serious biases and errors. But organizations like Imaginea Ai have recently begun developing synthetic datasets. These datasets are cheaper to produce and more accurate, so companies with limited tech knowledge and few resources can use them with ease.
  • AI Services- To get these synthetic datasets, companies now have the option of purchasing data as a service. They can also get resources from the gig economy meaning they get tech experts from around the world to provide them with affordable, accurate data and development work. This allows your company to obtain all the technical services necessary to use AI without needing to hire specialized tech experts for the long haul.
  • Smart Markets- Smart markets offer an opportunity to exchange AI development services and data on a global scale. This makes it easier than ever to find the artificial intelligence specialists and products to address the specific needs of your company.

Thanks to these developments, any company should be able to utilize AI technology or any of the services needed to supplement it.

The Broad Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Besides thinking they simply cannot use AI, many non-tech companies assume that AI technology won’t actually benefit their company in a tangible way. Since artificial intelligence is an advanced form of computing, they imagine that only computing companies can really get anything out of it. These generalizations couldn’t be more wrong! There are a vast array of benefits of AI, including:

  • Ordinary Processing- No matter what information your company needs to process, artificial intelligence can help you do it more efficiently. Because they mimic the parallel processing power of the human brain, AI devices can work more rapidly than traditional computers, all while achieving a higher rate of accuracy. Such devices also tend to become more efficient and accurate over time, thanks to the power of machine learning. As a result, your company can continuously improve your data processing methods, allowing you to grow more productive and precise every year you’re in business.
  • Complex Computing- Traditional computers have trouble with certain cognitive processes that come naturally to our brains, such as identifying sounds and images. AI devices, on the other hand, can perform these tasks with ease. This opens the door to a wide variety of applications that require the ability to process pictures and audio, including surveillance, market research, and facial recognition.
  • Internal Examination- Based on their ability to process large sums of information efficiently and perform complex cognitive tasks, AI devices can evaluate your company in greater detail than any other computers. They can gain an intimate understanding of your internal processes and make suggestions about how to improve them. This has a whole host of applications, the most important of which may be the adoption of clean energy. Companies that want to reduce their environmental footprint need to find energy generation and saving techniques that match their current consumption patterns. AI has unprecedented potential to analyze those patterns, compare thousands of different energy technologies, and pick the ones that will make the biggest difference at the lowest cost.

The benefits of AI will only grow over time, as this technology is refined further and businesses find new ways of applying it. The sooner you adopt it, the more time you will have to explore its full potential and figure out the best ways you can use it. Adopting AI early will also give you a leg-up over your competitors, so you can capture some of their market share. For more information on all the benefits of artificial intelligence for non-tech companies, contact Imaginea.Ai today.